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Electric Garage Door Kanata

By taking care of your opener, we ensure your electric garage door in Kanata continues to serve you as it should: safely and properly. When the opener malfunctions, the garage door might not open or close all the way. It might reverse without a reason or keep moving up and down. Such problems can easily put your property at risk. They willElectric Garage Door Kanata compromise your safety as well. So, whenever you experience similar symptoms, give us a call here at Kanata Garage Door Repair.

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The opener is not the only part of your door. But it’s the part which enables automatic movement. If anything goes wrong, call us for electric garage door opener repair in Kanata, Ontario. Problems related to the reverse system can create all sorts of complications.

  • The clicker might not activate the opener
  • The door might reverse out of the blue
  • The overhead door might travel up and down on its own

Our pros come prepared to troubleshoot the opener problem and provide service. We keep all spares and tools that might be needed with us and complete the electric door opener service on the spot. From replacing damaged parts to making adjustments and fixing the reverse mechanism, you can count on our repair services.

Rest assured that our electric garage door repair service won’t only include fixing the opener. The movement of your door depends on many parts. And so we fix and replace springs, tracks, cables, pulleys, rollers – you name it. Every single part.

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To ensure proper operation, leave electric garage door installation to our techs. When you want to replace the existing opener along with the door, we install both accurately. Our company provides high quality products and makes sure you get what you need. Our techs install the new door and pay attention to the right installation of all opener parts, accessories, and safety features.

You can also call us to maintain your Kanata electric garage door. We provide routine safety inspection to check all parts and ensure the door moves as it should, closes all the way, and will never become a threat. Give us a call for any service.

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Garage Door Repair Service In Kanata

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