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Garage Door Maintenance

Wondering how to fix a noisy garage door? Want to avoid such problems? Garage door maintenance is the answer to your questions. When your overhead door is well serviced, it will be quiet and operate properly. And if the door closes well, your house will be secure and more energy efficient. With the reverse system and springs checked and serviced annually, you won’t ever have accidents. We can cover your Kanata garage door maintenance requests and expectations because we are thorough and experts in residential automatic garage systems.Garage Door Maintenance Kanata

The process of our garage door maintenance service

You may count on our Kanata Garage Door Repair to fix sudden problems, but we can also prevent most of them with our maintenance service. Some problems are unavoidable. Parts will eventually wear and need replacement. But when they are serviced annually, they last longer and don’t create problems in between. And that’s because the lubricants we use at our company are of the highest quality and can really protect the steel components of your door. When steel parts rub one against the other during the movement, they scratch each other if they are not lubricated. And so one of the main tasks of our techs during the garage door maintenance service is to clean and lubricate the pins, tracks, springs, chain, and all steel parts.

Garage door adjustment is next on our list. Our pros test various things. From the reverse system to the travel limit of the door and its force, we want to make sure the door is well balanced, moves at the right speed, and closes/opens entirely. In a different case, we adjust its settings. We also check the sensors and make sure their lenses are clean and their wires are well connected. If the door seems to act up, we perform garage door troubleshooting to find out why. And any problem with any part is fixed.

At the end of our garage door maintenance in Kanata, the door is much smoother and totally reliable. And that’s due to our full commitment to keeping you safe by servicing the door thoroughly. Want maintenance service in Kanata, Ontario? Make an appointment with us.

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Garage Door Repair Service In Kanata

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